V1.0.0 Final version

This final game contains :
– 100% Free, no DRM, no advertising, no cash-shop.
– 5 ages from prehistoric age to renaissance.
– 6 playable races.
– 167 items.
– 61 skills.
– 46 buildings.
– 23 ressources to collect and transform.
– 20 missions with 6 difficulty levels.
– a skirmish mode to fight up to 8 villages.
– a custom survival mode to fight off unlimited waves of monsters.
– 43 maps.


V0.9.7 Save game

World saves.
Auto saves in options. (every 10 mins by default)
final screen after winning the last mission.
2 new items : lightning scepter and amulet of ligntning.
– Regeneration increase by 400% when you are in your home.
– New art for the npc ‘Gwidion’.
– You must complete all missions in the order.
– can select the mission by clicking on the map.
– Warning message when you change the default graphics settings.
– Several missions were edited.
– bug corrections, spelling mistakes corrected (thanks to Wilhem) and several leak memory fixed.