Local multiplayer released on Steam

Now on Steam, you can play with friends in Local Area Network. You must use Hamachi to play online.
Multiplayer is still in beta. It will be improved in next updates.
For the moment, you can only select team 1 and choose 1 character when you join a game.

V1.0.0 Final version

This final game contains :
– 100% Free, no DRM, no advertising, no cash-shop.
– 5 ages from prehistoric age to renaissance.
– 6 playable races.
– 167 items.
– 61 skills.
– 46 buildings.
– 23 ressources to collect and transform.
– 20 missions with 6 difficulty levels.
– a skirmish mode to fight up to 8 villages.
– a custom survival mode to fight off unlimited waves of monsters.
– 43 maps.


V0.9.7 Save game

World saves.
Auto saves in options. (every 10 mins by default)
final screen after winning the last mission.
2 new items : lightning scepter and amulet of ligntning.
– Regeneration increase by 400% when you are in your home.
– New art for the npc ‘Gwidion’.
– You must complete all missions in the order.
– can select the mission by clicking on the map.
– Warning message when you change the default graphics settings.
– Several missions were edited.
– bug corrections, spelling mistakes corrected (thanks to Wilhem) and several leak memory fixed.


V0.9.6 final missions

4 new missions.
– 1 new map.
– add global map on missions selection screen.
– your character emits a light in night.
– many fixes in missions. (Thanks to Wilhem)
– correction of several bugs reported on the forum.